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What Women Need to Know About Their Eye Health

Womens Eye Health

April is women’s eye health and safety month and in honor of women everywhere we are focusing in on women’s eye health.  We’re going to do that by addressing some specific tips and advice we have regarding what women need to know about their eye health.  As well as looking at the causes that may affect your eyesight.

What Women Need to Know About Their Eye Health

  • Pregnancy.  This is one thing that can dramatically affect women’s eyesight.  Because women experience steady changes or extreme fluctuations in their hormones this is one factor that can result in changes in their eyesight.  To learn more about the specific vision changes that can occur during pregnancy check out this list compiled by BabyCenter.
  • Higher Risk.  According to the National Eye Institute being a woman puts you at higher risk for eye disease.  They have reported that ⅔ of blindness and visual impairment is made up of women. And that they have greater instances of eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataract.

Because of their higher risk and the impact pregnancy and changing hormones.  This can have on a woman’s vision we recommend the following action.

Talk to Your Doctor Regularly.  We cannot stress the importance of routine doctor visits and talking with your doctor regularly.  Especially if you notice any changes in vision. As always we recommend seeing your eye doctor annually in order to keep track of any changes that may occur during the year.

Eat Healthy.  We cannot stress enough the importance of a balanced diet or the importance of taking vitamins to help supplement your eye health.  In fact having a balanced diet and taking vitamins preventively can have a significant impact on your vision.

This April as we focus on women’s eye health and safety remember to reach out to the women in your life.  And remind them to take the time to take care of their eye health. Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor and begin taking steps to preserve your vision.