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Why You Should Drink Coffee: How it Benefits Your Eyes

Why You Should Drink Coffee

Why You Should Drink Coffee

Most Americans are waking up and starting their day with a habit that is benefiting the health of their eyes. Little do they know this daily ritual has been proven to have long term benefits. So, what are they doing on a daily basis that helps prevent eye damage? It’s likely you have some in your cupboard or picked some up in a drive through on your way into work.

Benefits of Coffee

The answer is your daily cup of coffee. Loaded with powerful antioxidants this simple indulgence can have worthwhile benefits beyond providing you with a caffeine boost. Here’s what USA Today says about the health benefits of drinking coffee.

While in general, most people might call your daily habit a vice, you can be rest assured. There’s more to your cup of coffee then a morning buzz or an afternoon pick-me-up. In fact one day you might be prescribed a specific scientist formulated brew to help combat eye damage, according to Medical Daily.

How to Keep it Healthy

Keep in mind to go easy on cream and sugar. Particularly if you’re reaching for an ice blended drink or something so indulgently sweet. If you can’t remotely find the taste of coffee behind the medley of vanilla, chai, mocha topped with whipped creamm you may be outweighing the health benefits. It may take time, however, learning to enjoy coffee in it’s simpler form will give you the best result.

Why You Should Drink Coffee

So the next time you’re pouring yourself your usual cup, or two, of coffee remember to use the cream and sugar in moderation. Your eyes and body will thank you for the antioxidants. Maybe one day your indulgence will be a prescribed as a part of a healthy diet. For now, raise your mug in honor of scientists who continue to research the health benefits linked to coffee and enjoy your caffeine boost.