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How “Screen Time” Affects Your Eyes

How Screen Time Affects Eyes

How Screen Time Affects Eyes

In our day and age we are surrounded by screens.  Between our smartphones, electronic readers, computer screens at work and our home televisions the average American devotes up to 10 hours a day looking at screens according to a report by CNN.  With all of this time spent looking at screens the questions has been raised, “How does Screen Time affect your eyes?”  Today we’re going to have a look at what you may expect from prolonged screen time.

Eye Fatigue

One of the most widespread issues with prolonged screen time is eye fatigue or eye strain.  This simply means that your eye is tired from extended periods of focusing without blinking to help keep the eye properly moisturized.  This can also result in eye redness as well as temporarily blurred vision.   While eye fatigue or strain may be uncomfortable it is typically superficial and can be remedied by taking a break from whatever task has you looking at a screen.  If you’re at school or work try taking a break by stretching or taking a trip to the water cooler if you have the opportunity.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Another possible risk with prolonged screen time is what has been called Computer Vision Syndrome.  This is prevalent in not only adults but in children as well.  This can lead to myopia which is a refractive error in which a person can see near objects clearly but objects in the distance are blurred – this is also called nearsightedness.  If you are concerned about Computer Vision Syndrome in either yourself or a loved one especially school aged children consider breaking up screen time with alternative activities.

Protect Your Eyes During Screen Time, and Get Regular Checkups

While it’s important to limit screen time, especially when you notice an effect on your eyesight, we encourage you to have regular eye examinations.  Consistent eye care will help you monitor your eye health and help you make informed decisions regarding the amount of screen time that is right for you!