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Remedies for Aching Eyes: A Few Helpful Tips to Get Relief

Remedies for Aching Eyes

Remedies for Aching Eyes

We’ve all experienced it: Eyes that just ache after a long day at work, pain after reading a book, and an overall heaviness you just can’t get rid of. In our quest to find remedies for aching eyes, we came across quite a few helpful tips.

Use Ice-Cubes

Ice cubes can cool your eyes, and improve blood circulation. They also help relax the muscles around your eyes. Simply put some ice cubes in a clean town, and compress it lightly on your tired eyes to get some relief from the achiness.

Potato Slices

If you’re adverse to using ice-cubes, try putting some potato slices in the refrigerator. Place them over your eyes to reduce inflammation. You’ll also get the added benefit of a little shuteye!

Hot Compress

Some pain requires heat for relief. Putting a warm compress on your eyes can provide relief from the achiness by relaxing the muscles around your eyes, soothing dry eyes, and reducing strain. Place a warm towel on your eyelids – refresh it every time it cools.

Chamomile Tea

Sometimes, your aching eyes might be the result of not getting enough sleep. Try drinking some chamomile tea with honey before bed to melt stress away and calm your body before you go to sleep. Getting a good night’s rest will go a long way to relieving your aching eyes!

Use Tea Bags

Tea can be ingested, but it can also be used directly on your eyes. Tea contains bioflavonoids, which fight infections and bacteria. They can also be used warm to soothe your eyes. Use green or black tea for the most benefit.

Use a Chilled Spoon

If you don’t have ice cubes or potatoes handy, put a few spoons in chilled water. Place them over your eyes, and switch them out as they grow warm. This can be a great way to get relief when you’re at work and don’t want to ruin your makeup, but need relief.