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Gray Skies? You Still Need to Protect Your Eyes!

Gray Skies? You Still Need to Protect Your Eyes

Gray Skies? You Still Need to Protect Your Eyes


When the skies are clear and the sun is shining it’s easy to remember to take precautions for your health.  Especially over the summer when we’re out enjoying the sunshine the most. Between sunscreen, hats and layers of clothing that provide UV protection your sunglasses may seem like an easy accessory to remember to wear.  What about spring?  Do you need to bring along eye protection even while the days are cold and gray?  Did you know that you should be wearing eye protection even in the spring when most people wouldn’t expect you should? Learn more about protecting your eyes on sunny days here. Read on to learn more about why you need to protect your eyes – even when it’s gray.

Gray Skies – An Unexpected Risk

In the cool gray days of spring it’s easy forget the habits that keep our skin and eyes safe and healthy during the summer months.  It’s a common thought that overcast skies mean you don’t need to worry about bringing along your sunglasses.  That eye protection is only useful during bright summer months.  Unfortunately most people believe that the harmful UV rays that can cause eye damage are blocked or are filtered out by the cloud cover.  This is a harmful misconception since gray skies don’t act as a barrier or filter for the sun’s powerful UV rays.  In fact if you are at the beach or by water or even surrounded by fresh snow you are exposed to a potentially damaging amount of UV rays to your eyes as well as your skin.

Play It Safe and Protect Your Eyes – Even When It’s Gray

As April Showers cloud the sky preparing to bring on the May Flowers and you find yourself surrounded by sunshine or gray skies take the proper precautions and bring along your sunglasses.  Especially if you plan on being by water or gliding over snow during spring break keep your eye protection handy.  It is just as important to protect your eyes in the spring as it is during summer – don’t fall victim to gray skies the unexpected risk.