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Eye Protection and Winter Sports

Eye Protection and Winter Sports

Eye Protection and Winter Sports


As spring continues to close in avid skiers and snowboarders a like are still hitting the slopes in hopes of enjoying every last bit of snow brought on by winter storms.  As the weather warms up on the slopes winter sport enthusiasts are often tempted to shed unnecessary layers.  Did you know that one accessory you should not ditch despite the warm temperature are your ski or snowboard goggles?

Increased Exposure on Snow

Because snow is reflective this increases your exposure to damaging UV rays which explains why so many skiers and snowboarders come back from vacation sunburned.  And make sure you’re not fooled by gray skies – this risk is not reduced when the skies are overcast – have a look at our post regarding protecting your eyes even when the skies are gray.

Goggles over Glasses

When you prepare to hit the slopes it’s important to take your eye protection into consideration.  While most people own at least one pair of sunglasses that provide protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays it’s recommended that you invest in a pair of ski or snowboarding friendly goggles.  Most goggles on the market not only provide protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays but usually they come with a strap to help keep them securely on your head where they belong.  While when skiing or snowboarding with sunglasses there is always the possibility that they will fall off while you’re out on the slopes.  In addition many popular styles of sunglasses have “gaps” where light can still filter in.  With goggles securely fitted to your face you don’t have to worry about large gaps being exposed to sunlight.

If you or someone you know is preparing to enjoy the last of the ski and snowboard season remember the importance of protecting your eyes on the slopes – don’t leave your sunglasses or better yet, your goggles behind!