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Eye Health for Adults over 60 – Tips and Insight

Tips for Eye Health Over 60

Tips for Eye Health Over 60

We all know that our bodies change after we hit 60: Our eyes are not immune to the aging process. Most of us look into protecting our bodies as we age, but, many do not pause and think about specific ways to protect their eye health. Here are a few tips and insights into how to keep your eyes healthy once you are past 60.

Get Plenty of Sleep

One of the best ways you can protect your eye health as you age (and even when you’re young), is to get enough sleep. Our eyes get lubricated, and cleared of any dust, allergens, smoke, or other irritants. To get the best rest, some research has shown that your eyes need exposure to some natural light during the day, as it affects our wake-sleep cycles.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Exercise is good for our bodies, but it is also specifically beneficial to our eyes. Exercise stimulates good blood circulation, which is important for our eye health. Additionally, exercise keeps our weight regulated, which fights off diseases such as diabetes – and, diabetic retinopathy.

Eye Injuries from Falling

One of the most common ways people injure their eyes is in or around the home, and many are the result of home improvement projects. While this may be worrisome, when you realize that most eye injuries could be prevented by wearing protective eye wear during projects and maintenance, those numbers are less worrisome. Be careful about your potential to fall – make sure railings are secure, rugs are tacked down, and there are no sharp edged protruding from tables or the corners of walls.

Stay Current with Your Eye Doctor for the Best Eye Health

Finally, our last tip for the day: Be sure to stay current with your eye doctor. The sooner you catch many eye diseases, the better. Be sure to go in for a yearly eye exam, and if you notice anything strange with your vision, be sure to make an additional appointment.