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Eye Floaters: What Are They?

Eye Floater

Perhaps you’ve seen them.  A tiny shadow or shape in the corner of your eye or something that seems to cross your vision.  You try to focus to have a closer look only to find that the shadow has disappeared. What was that?  Are you seeing ghosts? Chances are you didn’t see anything supernatural or even unnatural for that matter.  In today’s post we’re going to share some information and answer a common question regarding eye floaters: what are they?  And show you that they really aren’t anything to be worried about. Let’s begin by looking closer at what an eye floater is exactly.

Eye Floaters: What Are They?

Typically eye floaters consist of microscopic fibers or a jelly like substance that clumps together in your eye.  It is believed that these occur naturally as we age. So why do we see shadows or specks in our vision? This happens when the clump of fibers happen to be in just the right spot to cast a shadow on your retina.  Typically this only lasts a few seconds but sometimes it’s possible for a floater to be seen for a few moments. A floater is lodged in just the right spot that you can see it when you look in certain directions and when the light is just right.

What Can You Do About Eye Floaters?

Commonly an eye floater is nothing to be concerned about.  Over time they will begin to sink to the bottom of your eye where you cannot see them anymore.  In rare occasions if one is disrupting your vision doctors can surgically remove them. However, that is typically not the case and is unnecessary.  If an eye floater is causing discomfort we highly recommend seeing your eye doctor. Along with receiving annual eye check ups to ensure that your eyes stay in optumhealth!  Only your doctor can accurately diagnose and treat eye conditions and symptoms.