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Contact Lense Basics: What You Need to Know

Contact Lense Basics

Because there are over 30 million contact lense wearers in the U.S. alone we decided it would be valuable to share contact lense basics: what you need to know.  In order to help educate contact lense wearers and their family on the use and basics care of lenses.  Especially if you are a parent of a child that wears contact lenses here are a few tips to keep in mind.  To ensure your, or your loved ones, lenses are being used appropriately.

Contact Lense Basics: What You Need to Know

Whether you or a loved one wears contact lenses here are a few tips to help ensure you get the best use out of them.  Be sure to follow your doctors instructions especially when it comes to wear time.  For example do not wear lenses for longer than the prescribed time.   Because some will be specifically made for all day/all night wear and others are for day wear only be sure you check with your doctor about your lenses.  A common mistake made by lense wearers is that they will take naps, even short naps while wearing their lenses.  This can result in keratitis, which is inflammation of the cornea and can result in infection as well as altering the shape of your eye/cornea.

Another important tip we recommend is making sure that your hands are always clean when handling your contact lenses.  Like many prescriptions contact lenses have an expiration or a “life span”.  Talk to your doctor to learn how long your lenses should last and when you should replace them.  Using old and worn out lenses can inadvertently cause eye damage.

Talk to Your Doctor

As always we encourage you to talk with your doctor concerning your contact lense and eye care needs.  It’s important to keep in mind that over time your eyes can change so regular visits to your doctor can ensure that your eyes stay in optumhealth.