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Back to School with Your Eyes In Mind

Back to School with Your Eyes in Mind

Back to School with Your Eyes in MindWith summer coming to an end along with it’s adventures and memories made it seems like you can already feel fall in the air.  It’s no wonder since many retailers are already launching back to school sales and specials.  Are you, your child or grandchild returning to school this fall?  If so we’re going to share some advice with you about going back to school with your eyes in mind.

Back to School with Your Eyes In Mind

Whether you, your child or grandchild is returning to school this fall it’s important to make an appointment with your eye doctor.  You may be wondering if you may even need to see a doctor if you haven’t noticed any changes in your eyesight.  The answer is yes!  Changes to your eyesight can be gradual and almost completely unnoticeable – especially in children since changes can occur without them noticing.  While in some cases children my know something with their eyesight has changed but they may not mention or bring it up thinking it is normal.

Eye Fatigue – Reading Glasses

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you or your child returning to school has been reading over the summer.  While many schools require students to finish summer homework or complete a reading list some students finish these projects quickly or don’t read at all over the summer.  Because of this students can often find themselves experiencing eye fatigue or strain when they return to the classroom and reading extensively begins again.  If this is the case many students can be prescribed reading glasses to help aid in any changes that have occurred over the summer.  In some cases doctors will prescribe reading glasses to students to help combat eye fatigue.  This is fairly common and is no cause for concern.

Whether you’ve spent your summer on the go with no books in sight or you’ve enjoyed the countless adventures you can only experience in the pages of a book – it’s important to have your eyes checked before returning to school.