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If you suffer from pinguecula, then you know just how frustrating the constant burning sensation is, or the itching, blurry vision that also accompanies this eye condition. The more severe form of this condition – a pterygium, is just as painful. Both pinguecula and pterygium are growths that appear on the cornea of the eye, as well as the conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the white of the eye). These non-cancerous growths are fairly common, but yet these conditions remain difficult to remedy.


Burning Sensation

Blurry Vision


There is a solution.

The common cardiovascular drug dipyridamole can help soothe pinguecula in a safe and effective way. When dissolved in saline at an extremely low concentration (approximately 1/50,000 of the daily oral dose), this compound has been shown to effectively remedy not only pinguecula, but also the more severe form of this condition known as pterygium, as well as cataract, dry eye syndrome, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, nevus, various types of viral eye infections, and Meibomian gland dysfunction, making its discovery one of high import.

The formerly “incurable” pinguecula eye condition can now be helped.

Research has shown the use of dipyridamole drops resulted in a “marked improvement” in patients' symptoms. A woman with a well-developed pterygium struggled with burning, dryness, a foreign body sensation, and uncontrolled, persistent blinking. Additionally, she suffered from a raised lesion on her eye. Researchers began give her drops two times a day (eventually down to once a day) with dipyridamole eye drops. Afterward, there was a “marked improvement” in the pterygium and the symptoms.

Researchers have analyzed the outcomes of dry-eye symptoms in people who suffered from pterygium. Over the course of their studies, it was found that dipyridamole eye drops were very effective; some patients even reported a “complete resolution of symptoms.” Researchers concluded that the results are very exciting: it appears to be not only effective, but entails only a small amount of very safe medicine. This possibility offers very distinct advantages over the existing remedies that are offered.

Get Relief from Pinguecula and Pterygium

If you’re struggling with a pinguecula, pterygium, or other eye condition, order dipyridamole drops today, and get the relief you deserve. Read our story to learn how these drops have benefited our lives, and order today to start the healing process.