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Important Notice

Legal action has been taken against this site, which was selling “Pinguecula Eye Drops” claiming to contain dipyridamole. These drops were analyzed and found to contain no dipyridamole.

Due to legal action for fraud and patent infringement taken on behalf of the patent holder Ocular Discovery Ltd, this site is no longer selling this fraudulent product.

Currently, the only licensed supplier of dipyridamole eye drops is Ella Distribution which can be found under:

Pinguecula Eye Drops = Fraudulent Product
Pinguecula Eye Drops = Fraudulent Product

Questions or Concerns?

Please address all inquiries to the patent holder Ocular Discovery Ltd. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of any site, pharmacy, or manufacturer that promotes dipyridamole eye drops, please check with Ocular Discovery Ltd for their legitimacy.

Further Information

View Media Release on Ocular Discovery Ltd Website