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In 2012, an independent researcher discovered that pinguecula, previously considered unhelpable outside of dangerous steroids or surgery, can be healed - with simple eye drops. This site offers information about this revolutionary remedy, as well as hope for those suffering from pinguecula and other troubling conditions using the compound Dipyridamole.

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For those suffering with pinguecula or other eye conditions, itchy, red eyes and a gritty sensation are a constant companion. Ophthalmologists often recommend and prescribe anti-inflammatory steroid drops to slow the growth. This doesn’t always have an effect, and the risks of serious complications isn’t worth the benefit. Surgery is another option, but carries its own complications, including the risk of infection. And, the failure rate with this surgery is high. My wife suffers from this condition, and the lack of viable options led us to seek out alternatives to avoid surgery or steroids that could damage her eyes. This is how I came across an independent researcher, who discovered that a highly diluted cardiovascular drug could clear up the “unhelpable” problems of pinguecula. After years of using them, my wife’s eyes are almost completely healed. The purpose of this site is to inform others of this incredible remedy, as well as provide a way to purchase the drops to see the impact it can have on your life and the health of your eyes.

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The Drops
In 2012, an independent research discovered that when the cardiovascular drug dipyridamole (diluted with saline to 1/50,000 of the daily oral dose) is dissolved in saline, it is effective in providing relief from various eye conditions.
Dipyridamole drops have been used to remedy various eye conditions, including pinguecula, pterygium, cataracts, dry eyes, glaucoma, ocular hypertension, nevus, and more.
We have personally tested these drops, and they have made a positive impact on the health of our eyes and the remedy of and relief from pinguecula.

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